Our bespoke web app, seamlessly integrated with Single Sign-On, empowers staff across branches with custom reports, innovative marketing features, and advanced analytical data developed using an agile method.

Revolutionizing Operations:

In our collaboration with Jewson, the goal extended beyond the creation of a mere system; it was about engineering a transformative solution. Tasked with enhancing operational efficiency across the vast expanse of Jewson’s branch network, we conceptualized and developed a bespoke web app.

Custom Reports for Informed Decision-Making:

At the heart of this innovation lies the ability to generate custom reports tailored to the unique needs of each branch. This not only streamlines day-to-day operations but also empowers branch staff with real-time insights, fostering informed decision-making at every level.

Seamless Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO):

Recognizing the importance of a cohesive digital ecosystem, our web app seamlessly integrates with Jewson’s Single Sign-On (SSO) infrastructure. This not only enhances security but also ensures a unified user experience, allowing staff to effortlessly access the system without the hassle of multiple logins.

Agile Evolution for Continuous Advancement:

In a dynamic industry landscape, agility is paramount. The bespoke system for Jewson is designed with adaptability at its core. Embracing an agile development approach, the system evolves continuously, effortlessly accommodating new features, marketing tools, and advanced analytical capabilities.

Beyond Automation:

Beyond streamlining routine tasks, the bespoke system acts as a catalyst for innovation. It serves as a foundation for Jewson’s continuous expansion, providing a platform where new marketing features and analytical data seamlessly integrate, propelling the company forward in an ever-evolving market.

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