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App design in the heart of Coventry, offering App Development that focuses on experience and delivering apps that your users don’t want to put down.

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Our App Design Focus

App Technology

We leverage cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and programming languages to craft mobile apps that are not only powerful but also adaptable to the changing tech ecosystem.

Security & Data

With cyber threats constantly evolving, we prioritize the security of your mobile application and your users' data. Our apps are built with robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, and authorization protocols, to safeguard against potential breaches.

Scalability & Performance in Apps

App's success hinges on its ability to scale with your user base. That's why we architect our applications with scalability and performance in mind. Through efficient coding practices and optimised algorithms

Our App Design Goal

Our goal is to deliver amazing app experiences that make people talk, and build strategic value for brands, through the latest app technology.

Coventry Based Mobile App Design Agency

Apps are a forever growing market and new technology is released everyday. Whether you are looking to start a new project or bring a fresh outlook to your existing app, contact our developers today to see how we can help.

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Our Latest Projects

Some Of Our Recent App design


App Development, Bespoke Software, SaaS

Our bespoke web app, seamlessly integrated with Single Sign-On, empowers staff across branches with custom reports, innovative marketing features, and advanced analytical data developed using an agile method.

My Golf Pro

App Design, App Development

Revolutionizing the World of Golf Instruction with "My Golf Pro" App Development and App Design


Branding, Website Design, Website Development

Fate Date, Redefining the Landscape of Online Dating, website design and development project

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You already have done the hard part! Usually once your set on an idea, brainstorming and gathering some features and planning the users journey through your app helps.

The next step all depends on your situation and your commitment, some people are ready to get started and create the app, others want to look at funding options and get a quotation for gathering the correct funding.

Each app development project is different, and the rule of thumb is the more features and the more pages you have on your app the more your app will cost.

The cost varies from a simple application with limited logic starting from £6,000

The best thing to do is contact one of our team and get a rough timing and cost for developing the app.

Each application is different, and also the kind of level app whether this is MVP or Production level, each factor has an impact on time to develop.

To get an estimate, the best thing to do is contact one of our team and they will be able to provide advice and timelines and rough costs over the phone.

Once your app is ready to launch, its best to have a marketing plan in place, unfortunately, this is not something we do currently but we do work closely with a marketing agency that can cater to your marketing needs.

After the app development process is completed, you will need certain hsoting requirements for the new API (If your app requires an API) to have the functionality working. Here is a list of the minimal costs you need to have an app running with an API:

Hosting for API

SSL certificate

API Domain

We can help to get you a suitable solution in place for your new application.

Yes, we provide customised SLA agreements for any application and for any application developed with us. Initially before agreeing to an external developed app to support we require reviewing the app to make sure it is up to standard and that it is something we are able to support and that your application has the correct documentation for this.

If your app is developed with us, you will be able to get an agreed SLA from the initial app development consultation (optional).

With every application we develop, we will also provide a administrative dashboard where you can see some statistics on your application.

The app stores do provide some analytics as well for any application with no data API, but for any application with users and managed content we will provide this included in the initial quotation.

With every app we offer a minimum 1 month free support. We also provide training for self managing the application.

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