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All of our prices can be found on a call to one of our team, we do show the prices for our monthly websites on our Monthly Websites page, but other projects have to be quoted separately based on specifications.

We also provide fixed pricing for hosting, SSL and adHoc work.

Of course, if your website is developed in one of the languages we support. If you have a website developed in a language we are not skilled within, we can provide guidance to the right direction.

Digigen provides multiple options for hosting, we provide fixed priced and unlimited bandwidth IIS servers.

Get in touch with the Digigen team to find out more about our pricing.

With every website and App developed with us, you get at least 1 month of support. Each project is different based on requirements and customer needs.

We also provide SLA (Service Level Agreements) to assist with ongoing projects making sure your technology is always well managed.

Yes, As long as the application is developed in one of the supported languages we provide we are happy to help. Otherwise we will be able to provide some help and guidance.

With applications there is also a front-end and server-side technology, we can provide assistance with either of the technologys and provide outsource solution for the other so you only have 1 agency to deal with.

Already have an SLA, you should have an account manager to contact.

If you do not have an SLA in place but still require urgent support, we have above contact information for a whatsapp, the whatsapp is checked daily. The most effective for response is to fill in the contact form above and our average response time is 4 hours including weekends.

We are currently looking at implementing an urgent support package, coming soon.

Yes, We are able to assist with tutorials and ‘how to’ use your website. If you have your website or application developed with us, we will make sure you know how to use your provided software to get the most out of it.

If you have had your app or website developed with another agency, we are more than happy to help. If it is something thatis less than 15 minutes there will be no cost.

Yes, we are able to work for any country. If you provide details for the project our team can provide the details and the timings. If you require hiring expertise abroad, please get in touch for more information.

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